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CBD oil testimonials from Tilly

CBD oil Testimonial from Tilly
    Pain, Cancer, Elbow Dysplasia

Tilly is the toughest, most stubborn Rottweiler I’ve ever known, but she’s my girl. Even though our personalities are completely opposite, we still get along 100% of the time.

What makes me sad is that when Tilly was only 2-years-old, the vet found she had a cancerous lump in her upper right leg. Thankfully, it was just a mass and could easily be removed, but it had to be removed with the rest of her leg. And though I was hesitant, the vet assured me that if I did so, Tilly would live a long and healthy life after that. So, I chose what was best for Tilly, and I amputated her leg.

After the surgery, the vet put her on chemotherapy drugs for a little while just to make sure it had all been removed and that there was no potential for growth in any immediate areas. Luckily, Tilly has responded to this treatment well, but there was still something missing. Tilly still seemed to have some pain on certain days and she still seemed to be down in the dumps, even after learning how to operate with three real legs and one artificial. So, I investigated alternate therapies.

And I found CBD oil! CBD oil has apparently been proven to help dogs with all levels of pain and I figured there was no harm in trying it for Tilly’s sake. Once I started her on it, my 2-year-old Rottweiler sprang into action and started acting like a 2-year-old again, thank God. And thank CBD oil. As long as Tilly needs it, I’ll have it on hand.

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