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Dog with Frantic Anxiety Finds a Cure Through CBD Oil

Anxiety is not fun to deal with, especially for dogs, and especially because they can’t talk to us and tell us what’s wrong or what’s on their mind. In this video, you’ll see a pup go through a frantic anxiety attack, clapping his/her tail on the bed, loudly crying, moving around in a jittery fashion, etc. The poor dog can’t function normally, but the reasoning for that is not present in the video. Minimal talking occurs. Most of the video is presented as an action and reaction view for us to see how the dog is throughout the day. Once he/she starts acting up, the owner goes and opens up the CBD oil. She takes a few small drops and gives it to her dog, with an instant calm-like reaction following the administration. The dog then instantly calms down and relaxes on top of the bed. As another dog walks on by, the owner states that the CBD oil helped her pup. For instance, before the CBD oil was administered, the dog would have gotten extremely nervous and anxious if another dog was even remotely close to him/her. In the video, it shows the dog lying on top of the bed just watching the other dog walk on by. While still wagging his/her tail, the crying comes to a halt, and normal actions and reactions occur. Thankfully, CBD oil was created to help dogs just like this. Check it out and see if your dog could use some CBD oil in his or her life, depending on if they have anxiety or another ailment that could use some treating. video credit

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