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How 1 Special Pitbull Outlived her 8-Week Lymphoma Diagnosis

Shorty is a very special Pitbull who means a lot to her owner and all of her doggy pals. I mean, Tino, her owner, really loves her. He would do anything to make sure she was happy. That’s why when Shorty was diagnosed with Lymphoma, Tino dropped everything to get her the help she needed and deserved. The first stop was the vet’s office, to where the vet stated Shorty would not live past 8 weeks. That was stated on March 14th of that year. Tino did not want to take the vet’s prognosis, so he went home to study up on other ways to help his precious Shorty. That’s when he stumbled upon CBD oil and products. He immediately started reading up on the facts and the reviews via other dog owners, and within a few minutes, he decided to purchase it and try it himself. What did he have to lose? Once the CBD oil came in, he administered it to Shorty every day. It’s a miracle that the oil has worked ever since then, and now Shorty is back to being her chipper self, running around and loving life. In addition, Tino changed Shorty’s diet to be more nutritious and less unhealthy. With the new, balanced diet and the everyday CBD consumption, Shorty barely shows signs that she has Lymphoma. At least she outlived her prognosis of an immediate terminal death. Watch this video to see how she is before the CBD oil is given and how she reacts after she’s been on it for a few days. video credit

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