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The Story of Kailey & Blizzard: How They Use CBD Oil to Help Their Ailments

Kailey and Blizzard are amazing dogs, but they do have a rather difficult life. Kailey has many fatty tumors throughout her body, which cause her pain depending on where they are. Not only that, but Kailey’s fatty tumors are extremely uncomfortable. Her owner doesn’t want to pay to get them all removed, mainly because it would be too many surgeries and too much pain, and no one wants to see Kailey in that much pain. On the other hand, Blizzard was abused by his previous owners, therefore leaving him with unbearable anxiety and trust issues. Blizzard gets very nervous and can barely be around people without being cautious, but can you blame him? That’s why the owner of these two precious dogs had to find a way to make the dogs in her life happy again. Now, instead of using pharmaceutical medications prescribed by the vet, Kailey and Blizzard’s owner resorts to using CBD oil and products. Whenever there’s an issue related to Kailey’s tumors or Blizzard’s abuse issues, the CBD oil is broken out and used as a curative mechanism. She’s there to help both of her beloved dogs in sad situations. As the video goes on, the third dog that’s a part of the family is spoken about, too, but he has no health related issues, therefore he does not need to take CBD oil yet. Additionally, you’ll hear her talk about her past owned dog, Scooter, and how he saw many benefits as a result of his CBD oil consumption. video credit

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