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  • Why Does My Dog Like to Sleep in Between My Legs?

    Why Does My Dog Like to Sleep in Between My Legs

    Dogs do a lot of mysteries things; they steal our shoelaces, sniff our crotch, and run around the yard with our hats in their mouths. They also like to sleep in between our legs for some odd reason, and unfortunately, there is little to no research on the web about the topic.

    There is one thing we know about dogs when they snuggle up close to us, though, and that’s that they want to be close to us. It’s the same idea as companionship, they like to cuddle and be close to you to be able to bond with you, and that’s not a bad thing! Let your pup show you some affection, it’s good for both of you.

    My dog likes to be near me

    One of the many things your dog will do when they want to be close to you is that they’ll lay in between your legs.

    It’s been known that many dogs like to sleep curled up on their side. In turn, this makes it likely for your pup to sneak in between your legs, as the body position is super comfortable for them. Basically, your dog gets the best of both worlds: Closeness with you and comfort between your legs.

    Small dogs like to cuddle, too

    Though big dogs may like to snuggle up close in between your legs, it’s more common for small dogs to adapt to this position. This is probably due to the fact that they can fit in this small area.

    If you have a larger dog, they may not be able to fit in between your legs. If this is the case, they’ll likely lay back to back with you. Some larger dogs have exquisite personalities, and they may end up trying to “spoon” you.

    Dogs don’t always like sleeping in between legs

    Even still, there are other ways that small and large dogs prefer to sleep, and it’s not always in between your legs, as this may get too warm and uncomfortable for specific breeds.

    Instead of lying back to back or making their way in between your legs, your dog(s) may want to be burrowed under some blankets. Though this may seem odd to you, it’s not to them. In fact, many dogs find it comforting and safe to be burrowed under blankets, as it evokes a comfortable den for them.

    If your dog initially starts with burrowing themselves in blankets, he or she will likely soon after start sleeping in between your legs.

    Keep in mind, if your dog sleeps in between your legs, he or she is complimenting you. If they do this to you and for you, it means they are comfortable around you and are in need of showing you some affection, whether it’s comfortable for you or not. Basically, having your dog lay in between your legs is one of the highest compliments and acts of kindness he or she could display for you.

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