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  • Zyrtec for Dogs – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Alternatives

    Zyrtec for Dogs
    Dry and itchy skin can cause a plethora of uncomfortable symptoms for us humans, but what happens when dogs start to experience such allergies? Well, for starters, they can’t talk back and tell you they are in pain from the inflammation and irritating symptoms.

    Here, we’re going to explain what Zyrtec can do for your dog if he or she is going through these allergy challenges. Then, we’ll give you a natural, and healthy, alternative to turn to if you decide against this medication option.

    What is Zyrtec & what can it be used for?

    Zyrtec, also known by its generic name Cetirizine, is a pharmaceutically prescribed antihistamine. This treatment method works by blocking the body’s natural response to an allergic reaction.

    When thinking about what Zyrtec can be used for, a list of allergy symptoms come to mind. Most allergy symptoms found in humans can also be seen in dogs, making it easy for you to distinguish whether your beloved pup is actually experiencing allergy-related issues.

    If you need some help picking up on symptoms, here’s a list you can refer back to:

    • Redness of the skin
    • Irritation of the skin
    • Excessive swelling
    • Excessive itching
    • Rubbing of the face or muzzle repeatedly
    • Biting of the paws or legs

    What is the correct dosage to administer to my dog?

    The safest way to determine how much Zyrtec to administer to your dog is to check in with your vet. One rule of thumb you’ll want to follow when giving your dog this allergy relief pill is that one tablet a day is a typical, safe dosage. However, the amount may vary depending on how much your dog weighs, along with the reason for your dog’s allergies in the first place.

    Are there side effects associated with Zyrtec?

    If you’ve given your dog the correct dosage of Zyrtec, you shouldn’t see him or her struggle through any unwanted side effects. You should always keep in mind that if you administer too much Zyrtec, you may worsen your dog’s symptoms and cause additional, unnecessary problems. Overdose is highly unlikely, as dogs have a high tolerance for this allergy medication.

    Generally speaking, the list of common side effects when taking Zyrtec is as follows:

    • Drowsiness
    • Urine retention
    • Vomiting
    • Constipation
    • Excitement
    • Excessive salivation

    Is there an alternative I can turn to?

    Adverse reactions can be scary, especially when you’re witnessing your dog go through them. If your dog has experienced a reaction towards Zyrtec, or if you’d rather take a more natural route, try administering CBD oil instead of this allergy medication.

    CBD oil has proven itself useful in treating a variety of ailments for dogs. As far as allergies go, CBD products help treat symptoms of dry and itchy skin, along with cracked paws and dull coats. This natural medication also promotes healthy skin growth, therefore reducing shedding and dandruff production.

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